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Nike, Where Y'all At?? - Zahraa

Recently, a friend of mine Zahraa, brought up an idea for us to collab and create content that could pass for Nike print work. The plan was to shoot some indoor and outdoor shots, but we got hit with several inches of snow, on top of the polar vortex that’s sweeping across the Midwest. Soooo that was quickly out of the question. For me personally, I love location shoots, so I was slightly bummed that we couldn’t get outside. I’m not a HUGE fan of studio work (I can still do it of course), I just prefer natural lighting. If I have to shoot studio images, I definitely desire it to be something creative. I sometimes cringe with basic studio shoots i.e. headshots lol. I still shoot em though cause work is work.

Digressing, below are some of the pics we came up with in a short timeframe. These are my favorite studio images that I’ve done in awhile. Simple and clean. I need yall help to get on Nike’s radar. Help me tag them on my IG, FB, whatever lol. I would love to kick 2019 off with a sponsorship from an international brand creating amazing content.

Zahraa’s IG is below:


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