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Daniel Wellington - Steph Toilolo

One of my wants/goals last year, was to create content and be sponsored by a watch brand. I really wanted to get in with Fossil because that’s one of the brand’s I’ve been rocking for the last half decade. But unfortunately, I didn’t achieve that goal…at least not with them. I worked with a brand called Foundation for several rounds of content, and created - in my opinion, some of the crispiest images I’ve done. Those images can be found here.

Another brand I’ve known about for a few years is Daniel Wellington. Anyone who knows their brand, they know their watches are beautifully minimalistic yet casually luxurious. I’ve always loved their watches from afar, just never purchased one or even tried to reach out to them. BUT recently I’ve gotten the chance to vicariously do some sponsored work with them through a good friend of mine - Steph Toilolo. If you want to get a discount on DW watches, visit here. Also, give my homie a follow (@steph_toilolo). She makes some pretty unique IG stories and what not.

The theme was for this upcoming holiday season so we froze our members off for this content lol. Below are the images we created on my lunch break lol.

If I don’t post any other blog post for the rest of the year, Merry Christmas folks!


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