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The Primary Beings

In the Summer, whilst on my break from social media, mainly Instagram, a friend of mine messaged me about viewing someone’s IG story. This person isn’t one of those people who tells me to view things often so I went away to see what she was talking about. The story was from Lee (@leedeevee) saying she wanted to collaborate with new creatives in the Detroit area. My friend said maybe we can get something started with her and for me to reach out. I contemplated and said…meh what the heck, why not.

I sent out a message not really expecting anything to be honest, but needless to say I was a tad shocked when she replied lol. So we chatted about a few ideas that she had and also one that I sporadically thought of literally within a few DMs into our conversation lol. We planned to do her concept which consisted of two other models as well as mine in one day, but something changed and we ended up doing only mine. Which is fine because let me tell you…it was BLAZING that day. I actually feel slightly bad cuz those ladies were some troopers lol. I was having them slow roasting in the sun for the sake of art lol.

Each model’s IG can be found below.

Blue: Bianca - @biancalacroixx
Red: Lee - @leedeevee
Yellow: Valencia - @_valenciamichelle

Makeup by: Chelsea - @chelsimone_
Biker sets provided by @shopspiceboutique

They loved the time on the stairs since it had them in the shade lol.

So while I was editing, it just felt like the complete vision wasn’t coming together. It’s wasnt anything on their part, it was mainly on my end with composition. I forget what sparked my thought, maybe it was Lee with her hand on the visor, but I thought about adding a cyclops like flare to her visor, and that transformed to something greater.

I remember showing this top image to my dad and he said it reminded him of the old Marvel comic covers. I consider that a job well done lol.

After we left the first location, we went to another spot I’ve been wanting to utilize for the longest.

That shot is slightly blurred but I couldn’t pass up sharing it.

The garage images really gave it a different dynamic.

This was really a fun series to create and see come to life. I seriously appreciate the ladies being troopers and down to help out. The Primary Beings may be finished but there are always more ideas to create!


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