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#TheJeffersonChallenge - Carolyn

I can't remember where I was going, but I do recall driving down Jefferson one day and thinking to myself, "Man there are a lot of solid areas to shoot up and down this street, even beyond the 'downtown' area. So I challenged myself to try and shoot at several spots on Jefferson with a model to create imagery that doesn't even necessarily look like it was done in Detroit. 

To be honest, there are a lot of spots in Detroit that I've come across while out and about that I would love to shoot with a model, I just haven't approached people about the idea. I know how people be acting scary about shooting in remote areas of Detroit - especially at the time frames I be wanting to shoot lol. But back to the topic, these images are among my recent and overall favorites. As a whole, I believe it exudes a variety of vibes from Cali, to a Southern homestead, to upper Manhattan, with a noticeable splash of Detroit familiarity and more.

As always, I've mixed in several different editing styles because lately I've kinda fallen in love with the desaturated faded and faintly greenish look. It's gonna be a crap ton of images in this but not all of them. Its definitely a lot of edited ones I'm still gonna leave out so I don't share everything here. 

I hope you guys enjoy these images as much as I do! I feel like a Youtuber when I say "Like, comment and subscribe" lol. But on the real you can receive notifications of any new blogs and comment below what your favorite set is!








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