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Get Fit with Prewitt - Pt. 1

Awhile back, I was COMBING through Instagram and even doing a couple Facebook searches trying to find a male model...or at least someone who I could help groom into a model. A lot of the guy's I found, were either out of state or had an online cockiness that I wasn't feeling or had too many selfies...(bad sign lol). This one particular day, I recall sitting at home, scrolling through IG and found Jordan on someone else's page. It was only ONE shot of him on this page. So I went through his page to see if he had potential. I noticed he didn't have many "modeling" shots -- just shots of him in the gym, or on a trip, or other fitness tips and pics. So I reached out. First through email, then on Instagram. No lie, I thought he ignored me (bro I'm glad you responded lol). Then I realized he was on vacation out of the country and probably wasn't able to check his social media or email that easily. So I chilled. Days went by and he finally responded. To skip a lot of conversation, we planned for some weeks, and finally linked up. Below, will be images from our first couple shots, and first shoot in general.

After we shot in the studio, we headed out into the city to change up the look. I believe the locations we shot in, worked well with the outfit choice.

I gave him my Fossil watch to wear because it accented the outfit so well.

Headshots and SUPER close ups lol

Who said like colors don't work well together? The blues definitely complimented each other since they were on the opposite sides of the scale.

Now we did a TON of shooting this day and for the sake of not having this blog post be SUPER long, I have to cut it after these last few images. The part 2 and part 3 will be up later in the month. 

The next set, I'm pretty excited to share and then the last set will be from a trip we took. 



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