Stephen Crosson


As Numerous As the Grains of Sand

On the night of Aug 2nd, I was invited to take a trip into Canada to catch the Milky Way.

Upon arrival at our destination, we came to an inset lake, where the sun was setting nicely over the horizon. What was serene quickly turned into an annoyance when millions of bugs that were swarming as a cloud above us, descended. Their noise collectively, sounded like a drone high up or a weed whacker in the nearby distance. 

Arriving at Lake Erie, we were met with the sound of the waves fumbling onto the sandy shore, winds blowing yet calming and the stars gleaming and shining brighter as the sun fully set. I hadn't gazed at the stars in this fashion since I was younger so to see this now, I was pretty much spazzing out. It had me in awe to be able to see the milky way with the naked eye.

Some time during the night we came together to play with some lights...

...and even do some things on our own.

The night is one we will all remember. At one point, I put my camera away just to soak in the moments that literally had me starstruck.


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