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Lost in New York - Day 1

Alright its been a LONG time since I've written a blog post. This is essentially a blog and will not just be a photo set (word to the non-readers lol). Also I should point out this might be a tad lengthy. I wanted to write this because I've been itching to not only get back to New York, but to experience the city in the Summer time. Though I've technically gone a few days after the start of Autumn, it was nonetheless still Summer with 80°+ days. 

I went to New York in December 2016 for the first time ever and marveled at everything I had seen. The weather was rather interesting; Sunny and cool on Friday, cloudy and a blanket of snow on Saturday, warm and cloudy on Sunday (with no hint of the snow from Saturday), and Monday as we left, partly cloudy and slightly cool. 

But after that initial Winter trip, I wanted to see what the city had to offer in it's Summer months, as well as see what it felt like to traverse the streets without a coat and gloves lol. I wanted to be able to move freely without having a constant sharp cool wind slapping my face and the thought of finding warmth clouding my mind. 

Now when I took my first trip, I was planning to go alone, but I put up an IG story, inviting almost anyone (I could gauge) to travel with me. Two of my close friends stepped up and went with. This go around, when I went, I initially planned to go with others, but then I decided I'd turn it into a solo trip. Can't express how excited I was to get lost in a big city such as New York. 

As soon as I landed in LaGuardia, the rush began. I had to first find my way out of the airport (lol), find the correct bus then figure out which was the right train to take once I hit the station.
Once I arrived at the station, I stepped off the bus and immediately started seeing how photogenic the city was.

I walked into that bus/train station and my LORD it was so many people moving in all sorts of directions lol. Since it was only my second time, GPS told me what train to hop on, but not which direction (or at least I wasn't fully comprehending yet lol). I felt like such a rookie and foreigner not knowing the difference between Queens (North) and Brooklyn (South). It finally clicked a day later. Don't judge me.

Now I wanna note that not all of the images in this blog are edited to be [flame emoji]. But they are shots to record memories. May not be significant to you but in the moment it stuck out to me. I think we photographers forget to take pictures of trips just as pictures without the intent of it being magazine, gallery or feature worthy.

First stop after dropping off my bags at my gracious host's place (thanks Kyra!), I went with her to Union Sq. I reallyyyyy wanted to see the Flat Iron Building. Because last time I was there, I only seen it at night. And it was cold and flooded with a ton of holiday traffic at that. So you can imagine just how excited I was to see it during the day, with a normal flow of people and during business hours. I don't know what's with me loving to see cities during business hours. I think it's the feeling of not being at work, while everyone else is lol. The two images in the slideshow shows how packed it was during that night and also they had those temporary light display fixtures. The Flat Iron is directly behind my friend Domenika, tis kinda faint. 

Upon exiting the subway I was in awe of course, so I took shots around Union Sq/Flat Iron District, and then the Flat Iron Building.

From the Flat Iron District, I started walking toward the Empire State Building.

After leaving the Empire State Building area, I wandered and somehow ended up in the direction of Grand Central Terminal not even looking for it lol. Saw the Chrysler Building on the way.


I walked into Grand Central, and it was of course a slew of people moving every which way. One of the first things I noticed was people up on a catwalk in the windows. I was wondering if anyone else saw it because no one was even looking in that direction. I was a tad jealous lol. I was super curious to see what they were looking at and what the view looks like from there.


After I left Grand Central, I made my way to a place that kinda tripped me out when I first seen only one image on my phone --- Chelsea Market. 

I'm not sure how much of that place I actually walked, but I know I covered a good amount of ground in there. I didn't eat at any of the places unfortunately, so I'm definitely going to hit one or two places when I go back. One of the images in the slideshow, I really like. "The Chelsea Local" as I call the image, I'm surprised the woman didn't look up once, or get up and walk away. I stood across from her for at least 5 minutes. Took about 11 pics just of her trying to get the action and effect of people right. I'm kinda satisfied with the outcome.

Since I was in the area (I remembered it from my trip in December), I made my way to the High Line as well. I really wish Detroit had something like this. For those who don't know what it is, it's an elevated walkway that's over mile long on the western side of Manhattan. It has a lot of trees, sitting areas, different spaces for vendor set ups, a restaurant, and of course attached to residential and hotel buildings.

One building I actually ventured into, I went because I was informed about a lounge with a great view. Wasn't open when I went (boooo) but I managed to the floor below it lol. I took the elevator and it had the STRANGEST video ever. That thing was trippy lol. Wish I took video because I would have included it here. After exiting the elevator, I walked up maybe 4 flights, and found a view. One of the workers came to me and said "Just so you know, security can see you on the camera and I don't want you getting in trouble." I said "I figured when I peeped the cam. I'll grab a few shots and leave." She said she didn't have a prob with me, she just wanted to let me know. 

Last spot of the day I hit was Central Park. Pretty good place to be since I was staying with my friend who doesn't live too far from there. I went to Central Park last time I was in the city, but since it had snowed so badly, we didn't venture too far. The paths were pretty icy. 

This time when I went, and it was gorgeous. I walked straight to Bethesda Terrace because I haven't seen it except only in movies. 


It kinda made me mad that I canNOT escape being told that I resemble someone else. Even being in freaking New York City a group of black folk (of course churchy) saw me sitting at the Bethesda Fountain, and said "You know who you look like?" I said please don't say who I think you're about to mention. "You look like Deitrick Haddon!" I said go away lol. I was mad but it made sense why they thought of that because through further conversation, I was able to learn they're actually from Detroit. A daughter of the family took a selfie with me to send to her friends and said "I'm gonna tell them I met Deitrick Haddon in New York" I said don't be lying to yo friends lol. 

Moving on, dusk was approaching. You see the beautiful sunset photo above. I began making my way out of the park and saw two pretty awesome reflections so I of course had to get them.

I wanted to walk more around Central Park during the night, but it was late and I had already done a ton of sightseeing and walking as is all in my first day, so I decided to head back to my friend's place and crash. As I was walking, I noticed the cobblestone pattern so I stopped for more pics and then my cam died lol. Managed to get one shot before changing the battery. 


From there I walked to the closest train. After getting off a few stops later, I was walking to my friend's place and saw in a park I passed earlier in the day, they were playing Breakfast at Tiffany's for the kids in the park! Though I've never seen the movie, that honestly made me love New York so much more. Just seeing everyone sitting around on a what's probably a typical New York Summer night watching a movie at a park, was a perfect ending moment for my first day. 


Hope you enjoyed following along the first day of my trip lol. I know this was pretty long so the future posts may not be as so but thanks for reading! 


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