Stephen Crosson


The Walk Fashion Show

On Sunday May 22nd, The Walk Fashion Show held it's 13th fashion show. It was a different experience for me to shoot something of that caliber. Twas also satisfying to know I had friends as models and also stylists/designers partaking and pursuing their dreams and passions. I'm proud of them who took part and I'll share what images I have of them. I've taken 700+ images so here's roughly 35-40 images. shot would've been dope if the security guy didnt keep walking in front of everyone. Digressing, I won't belay the images with much more monologuing so scroll down and I hope you guys enjoy.  

I wanted to shout out my sis Ashley who most know as Daun of "Dusk Til Daun LLC" (check her out on FB and IG). She's a phenomenal fashion stylist and has worked with pretty impressive clientele. 

Lastly, this was a misfired shot, but I still like it so I'm sharing it. I might edit this and throw some text over the empty space. But I hope you guys enjoyed some of the images I've taken. Maybe one day I'll shoot another fashion show and hopefully with a better vantage point.