Stephen Crosson


The New Stereotype

Stereotypes are no stranger to our society. Everyday, people are often viewed contrarily to their actual character - simply because of the dispositions associated with certain demographics and races. For this post in particular, men are aiming to show the world that all black men aren't thugs or degenerates but know how to be dapper gentlemen. 

Each guy came with their own individual style from their personality and postures to their polished winged tips.

To give some background as to what the New Stereotype is, Tony "Redd" Weir (@_iamtonyredd) [below] gave some insight. 

The New Stereotype was started by Marquelle Turner-Gilchrist. The goal of the project is to use imagery to “create new stereotypes”. Painting new pictures of the black man and highlighting the diversity and strength of black men. I have always had some sort of interest into fashion but never knew how to express it. I heard of this movement and I was immediately drawn to its purpose and the visual outcome. I decided to bring it to Detroit to help promote a positive stereotype for black men. Our city has had many negative stereotypes but there is a rebuilding of our neighborhoods so why not our culture as well? I chose the Michigan Central Station as the epicenter to symbolize that Detroit is making a comeback and we will be apart of that.
— Tony Weir

He's right. With the rise and resurgence of Detroit, it's important to not only tackle the blight and rebuild the businesses, but shift some of that focus toward the actual people who make up a significant ratio of Detroit. If you can help mold the population to something positive, the people and the city can thrive.

One of the gentlemen, Michael Anthony Spearman who is better known as @thebigfashionguy on Instagram [below], shared his thoughts about T.N.S.

For me being apart of “The New Stereotype” initiative means redefining and reinforcing the image of a positive black man in today’s society and giving other young men an example to look up to.
I think the way that you breakdown the negative stereotypes about young black males is by going after your personal dreams, passions, and cultivating your talents to improve your community and help others. Because style plays such a huge role in our society...why not use style to start to break the mold of those negative stereotypes?
— Michael Anthony Spearman

Between the four of them, you can see their styles can almost speak about their personalities.

Here, I want to showcase the styles of both Jeramie Ewing [top] and Twoin Bernard [bottom].

It was no question that these brothers were sharp. While walking, they were stopped by two older women for pictures because they admired how well dressed they were. 

The New Stereotype is a national movement having major cities under it's belt such as Chicago, NYC, Williamsburg, D.C. to Detroit. Everywhere where black men are viewed with prejudice, The New Stereotype can effectively display to their cities and our society, that black men can be classy and a positive influence not only to our race but others as well.