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How Detroit met Chicago - Rachel

I will be the first to admit I'm long overdue with a new blog post. I've been busy with a lot of photo shoots, adventures and business moves. But I want to make up for not posting at least one blog post in March. So here's a collection of images from my session with Rachel while spending the weekend in Chicago. 

I want to elucidate what transpired for this to happen (while it's fresh in my mind). The last weekend in February, I and some friends took a trip to Chicago. We just happened to go on the perfect weekend - meaning it was 50+ degrees and partly February and in Chicago at that *shocked emoji face*. Knowing I was going to Chicago, I reached out to her (Rachel, if you don't know this story, you're about to find out lol), about a month before I went. 

I found her...well, she found me on Instagram first. Whenever I receive likes on photos that I post on Instagram (check out me @crossoniam shameless plug), I tend to go through the likes to find people who from their tiny profile picture seem interesting to me. I don't recall what image it was that I posted, but I found that she liked one of my pictures. So at first I checked her page out, and thought "Oh she's beautiful. It'd be cool to work with her". A few weeks went by and I decided to go back to her page to see what was new (wasn't following her yet.) Scrolled a bit and decided let me go ahead and hit the follow because I liked her pictures. 

Months went on and when I finally knew I was going to Chicago, as I stated above, I decided it would be worth a shot to see if she'd be interested in shooting. Needless to say, I was a bit shocked when she replied lol. It wasn't a dry or mundane response either. I picked up some excitement from her end. It's always a plus when others admire your work and it acts as a motivator for them wanting to work with you. I knew nothing about the city so most of the locations where we shot are spots that I found as I was walking from the Sky Deck to meet with her some 8-10+ blocks away. 

It’s a photo shoot! A real photo shoot!

These were words floating behind me as pedestrians crossed the street while we shot. ...Quite the natural and effortless in front of the lens.
— From my IG post

The image below is when those words were uttered by the amazed civilian. As much as it was a shock to them, I can say it was definitely a moment for me to take in. Simply because in my mind I didn't fully grasp the fact that I was not only in another city outside of Detroit, but that I was doing a photo shoot with someone I met on Instagram. It's still crazy to me that I've made so many awesome connections on Instagram within a year. These are people I actually call friends and converse with daily. Social media done right lol. 

We're at that point where I think I'll just let you scroll at your leisure and admire the images without any further interruption. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!

We had a blast shooting before I had to leave the city to head back to Michigan. Next time we link up (which was going to be this month but there were conflicting schedules...boooo sorry Rach) there will be plenty more locations and images to share! Thanks again for reading.


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