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Elegantly Snazzy - Heather

One of the things that I believe Instagram is great for, is networking. People often downplay social media because they say others become anti-social which is true. BUT that's beside the point. I actually met the model of this series of photos through Instagram. I came across her page from another photographer. I decided to reach out because I liked how the images on her feed were composed and how effortlessly and beautifully she modeled in each picture.

For a couple weeks, Heather and I were discussing ideas for a photo shoot. We came up with a few ideas, but Michigan Winters are unpredictable. So we came up with having a vintage shoot with her styled in an elegant dress. The images in this post are some of my personal favorites from that portion of our session.  I'll try to be brief in text to let the images do all the talking.

One of the images that I've seen in my head before we even got together to shoot, was her facing a grand window displaying the grand architecture. 

After shooting in the gown by designer Nicole Miller, we went to another idea that was hatched in our planning. I believe she did well with rocking the tux. One of my favorite images from this portion is below.  

From here I'll cease writing and let you admire the pictures. I hope you guys enjoy these images just as much as we did shooting them.  Look for more from us in the future on my Instagram page (link button at the footer of the site) and hers (@what5ever) as well.


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