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Crea.tive.Co x Crosson Collab - Qadira

Ignore the blog's name. I couldn't think of anything else lol. 

Crea and I have done work together on maybe two or so shoots before this. But I was glad to be working yet again with her! She did an awesome job with the paint as well as her hair and makeup. So I'ma plug her a bit and yall can get her info later. 

Qadira was actually apart of one of those shoots Crea and I did, so it was great to get her back in front of the cam as well. I recall messaging Q after watching one of her stories on IG and letting her know I wanted to shoot with her because she had some braids I wanted to use. I said to her "Don't take them out". She told me she planned to keep them for awhile. You know this girl took them out like a week later!? LOL. She woke up and made an impulsive decision to cut her hair. I quickly replied to her haircut story and said what happened to keeping them for awhile!? lol. But the haircut and color actually worked out really well so I couldn't even be mad at her. 

Maybe two weeks went by and I had saw something that inspired this shoot, so I ended up letting both Cre and Q know about it and they were game so we decided to go for it and we made it our own. 

Hope you guys enjoy the images. Crea's instagram is below if you want/need her as a MUA or hairstylist.



A little touch up

So you'll notice a difference in color from here on out. I went with a different editing style for the rest of the images which lightened the blue and gave her skin a "fairer" tone if that's the right way to put it. 

Needed another touch up and I asked Q to give me a fierce look and this was her response lol. 

So we played off of that LOL

We decided it was time for a paint change. 

These are two b&ws that I LOVE. I had to bring out the colors (in black and white) mainly by dropping the oranges or greens so they didn't conflict or get lost with her skin tone. 

I'm gonna finish off this set with the thumbnail of this post. This is prob my fave image from this shoot. I haven't figured out why it is, it just is.


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